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 2010.08: Growing together with China wind farm industry and supplying customers with high-quality product,Pearl Electric has won orders for totally more than 700 sets of Pad-mounted transformers. Pear Electric makes the outstanding contributions to the development of China Wind Power Industry.
 2010.03: The amorphous alloy transformer designed and manufactured by Pearl Electric win the title of “Guangdong Provincial Hi & New Technology Production”.
 2010.03: Pearl Electric wins the title of “Guangdong Famous Trademark” in the re-evaluation by the authority.
 2010.01: Company Renaming Celebration Ceremony formally marks company’s transformation from a regional company to a nationwide company. Pearl Electric is formally renamed from “Guangzhou Panyu Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.” to “Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.”. This also lays a solid foundation for Pearl Electric’s strategic development towards a global company.
 2010.01: The Class 1E Dry-type Transformer designed and manufactured by Pearl Electric for Nuclear Power Generating Stations passed the national appraisal and complete set of tests by professional laboratories. This enables Pearl Electric become one of the few manufacturers in China for designing and manufacturing of transformers for nuclear power generating stations application.
 2009.12: Pearl Electric win the title of “Guangdong Top Brand” in the annual re-evaluation.
 2009.08: Passed ISO9001:2008 certification through Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.
 2009.06: Winning the bidding for amorphous alloy dry-type transformer in Wuhu, Fuxi and Qinghe project held by China Power International New Energy Holding Ltd.
 2009.04: Pearl was awarded with the title of"Guangdong Top 50 Key Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises".
 2009.02: Winning the bidding of 35kV transformer in the Xiaolangdi Hydro Project of Yellow River.
 2008.12: With the sales volume of amorphous alloy dry-type transformer near RMB60 million in 2008, Pearl brand ranks first in the market of amorphous alloy dry-type transformer.
 2008.12: Technical updating projects of substation for wind power plant was fulfilled and the production capability reaches RMB200 million.With a sales volume near RMB80 million in 2008, Pearl has become the first-rate transformer manufacturer with a famous brand in China.
 2008.11: Four new types of transformer passed provincial appraisal: amorphous alloy hermetically-sealed power transformer, insulated resin-casting dry-type earthing transformer, insulated resin-casting arc-suppression reactor and insulated resin-casting iron-core dry-type series reactor.
 2008.11: Company's chief engineer (Mr.Cai Dingguo) was selected as member of the 8th editorial board of Transformer journal.
 2008.11: GGD2 Low voltage switchgear passed CCC certification.
 2008.05: CKSC-720/10-12 dry-type core reactor passed all tests carried out by China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center.
 2008.04: Winning the bidding for dry-type transformer in Chengfu Tunnel Project of Beijing Olympic Game.
 2008.04: Winning the bidding of oil-immersed transformer and amorphous alloy dry-type transformer in the projects of"2008 Materials and Equipment Batch Procurement through Bidding Held by Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau".
 2008.03: Winning the bidding of transformers in projects for Datang Huanan Wind Power Co., Ltd.
 2008.03: Winning the bidding for dry-type transformer in"Beijing MU Train Project", China's first high-speed railway which is capable of accommodating a speed higher than 350km/h.
 2008.01: Winning the bidding for dry-type transformer (including amorphous alloy dry-type transformer) in Yunnan-Guangdong ±800kV DC Transmission Project, the world's first electric"Super-expressway ".
 2007.12: SCBH15-630/10 amorphous alloy transformer passed all routine tests, type tests and special tests carried out by China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center.
 2007.12: Pearl was recognized as"Guangzhou High & New Technology Enterprise".
 2007.10: The energy-conservation amorphous alloy dry-type transformer was listed into"Provincial Potential-Tapping & Technology-Updating Project for Key Industrial Technical Renovation Funded with Governmental Fund"
 2007.07: Pearl was awarded as"Valuing Contract and Keeping Credit Company for 17 Continuous Years".
 2007.07: Certified by ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 management system.
 2007.04: The SCBH15-2000/10 amorphous alloy dry-type transformer passed all tests and appraisals carried out by China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center, being the amorphous alloy dry-type transformer with the largest power at that time, whose performance and rated quantities reach world-leading level.
 2007.03: ZGSB11-Z•F-1600/35 pad-mounted transformers for wind power plant and YBM-40.5/0.69(F•R)/T-F-1600 prefabricated substation for wind power plant passed all national tests and appraisals.
 2006.09: Pearl power transformer was awarded as"Guangdong Top Brand".
 2006.08: Company was reorganized and set up the mission of"Becoming a competitive value-creating enterprise in power transmission and transformation industry".
 2003.07: Certified by ISO9001:2000 quality management system.
 2003.01: Pearl was awarded with"Guangdong Famous Trademark".
 2002.11: Post-doctoral workstation was set up in Pearl.
 2002.09: SCB10-800/10 dry-type transformer received CESI certificate.
 2001.05: Pearl's power transformer was awarded with the title of"Guangzhou Top Brand".
 2000.12: SRFZ10-31500/110 power transformer filled with high-ignition-point oil passed national appraisal.
 2000.08: SFZ9-40000/110 high-reliability power transformers passed national appraisal.
    1999: Pearl oil-immersed and dry-type transformer products were listed in"Products Recommended to the Market of E.E.C"
    1998: The company was restructured and renamed as Guangzhou Panyu Pearl Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd
    1995: SC series dry-type transformer with Pearl brand was put into market.
    1993: Pearl was listed as“China's Top 500 Electric Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise".
    1978: The first set of SLFS-20000/110 power transformer was put into operation in Panyu.
    1977: The first batch of large-power transformers (SJZ-1800/35) were put into market.
    1960: Starting to manufacture oil-immersed power transformer.
    1958: The former Panyu Electric Motor Factory was founded.
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